Why Not?

In its 4th year, TPQN continues to be a great destination for social dancers that wish to study with important teachers, and dance all night among friendly people in a great space. This year, we’ve again rolled up our sleeves to try and exceed your expectations for a “festival.”

To inspire you, TPQN likes to present unique and exceptional instructor line–ups by bringing dancers not normally seen in the US. So this will be THE place to see and learn from these influential teachers that are classically trained and are now influencing the modern Tango scene.

DJs extraordinaire plus live music. For those of you who just want to dance long and hard, we‘ll project a warm and friendly atmosphere with seasoned, “fierce” DJs that will spin traditional tandas to set a mood that keeps your feet moving all…night…long. And it’s always nice to have a live music component at a milonga. This year, TPQN has invited QuinTango to perform for your dancing pleasure on Saturday night.

The DC Tango Community has come together to support the fest and we want you to leave with the impression that we’re a genial place to come for Tango. The team has planned social components that include a Hospitality Suite, where people can mingle (and nosh), away from the dance floor, to get to know each other better. In addition, there will be a Friday night mixer right after the class and before the milonga that will make it easier to meet new people, too.

EXTRA: Read About It!

In an effort to expand the scope of TPQN, and in loving memory of Anne–Sophie Villé and the “gitana” spirit she personified, 2 special classes will be offered during the festival. These classes will embody Argentine culture and are open (FREE) to any who wish to attend. This program will be taught by a renowned folklore specialist who will give everyone the opportunity to experience the Chacarera and the Zamba, that beautiful handkerchief dance of courtship and love. Don‘t miss these!

Additionally, the Festival will award 2 full passes in tribute to Pablo Fontana and Anne Sophie—2 DC Tango fixtures taken from us way too early—to winners of the social media contest for those who follow us on Facebook. Look for details on our Facebook page.

It‘s a lot to pack in to a weekend, but all activities will be in one place: the Rockville Hilton in Maryland. The hotel has convenient access to transportation (Metro is just across the street), parking, dining, and shopping, so it will be possible to have a carless trip using public transportation. We want you to enjoy the festival, so the schedule allows for sufficient down time, allowing ample breaks between classes and a before–the–milonga rest period that sets up the all night dancing.

So, por que no? An engaging teacher roster, with lots of dancing, in a fab place–what‘s not to like? Don’t miss out, join us!